schedule of fees





   Photocopies – B&W
   Computer printouts – B&W    
   Microfilm prints



   15 cents per page
   20 cents for double sided
   25 cents for ledger


   Photocopies – Color
   Computer printouts – Color



   $1.00 per page




   Fax transmissions – Incoming



   15 cents per page



   Fax transmissions – Outgoing


   $1.00 per page for local
   $2.00 for first page then $1.00 thereafter for long               distance
   $5.00 for the first page then $1.00 thereafter for               international



   Out of state card


   $199.99 per year is commensurate with local tax                    rate



   Replacement cards






   New Cards



   50 cents for postage to mail verification postcard



   PLAC Cards (fee set by the    Indiana State Library and    changes annually)



   $50.00 (2014)




   Meeting rooms


   Free to not-for-profit organizations, a $50.00    donation is suggested for all other groups or    individuals