selection and withdrawal of library materials

  1. Materials shall be chosen to foster respect for all people including minority groups, women, and ethnic groups, and shall realistically represent our pluralistic society, along with the roles and lifestyles open to both men and women in today's world.

    Materials shall have aesthetic, literary, or social value or be historically significant.
    The selection of materials on controversial issues shall be directed toward maintaining a balanced collection representing various views.  NCPL shall strive to keep the collection current, unbiased, and broad.  Materials shall also be selected according to the expressed requests of the community served.


  1. Anyone objecting to the materials in the library's collection will be given a copy of the selection and withdrawal policies to read and the Request for Reconsideration form to complete.  This form is to be completed and submitted to the Director within seven (7) days of the initial objection made by the complainant.

    Since the selection of library materials is the responsibility of the director, any complaints should be made directly to him or her.  A written decision shall be made to the complainant from the director within 30 days of submission of the Request for Reconsideration form.  If the decision of the director is not satisfactory, the complaint shall be presented to a committee of three (3) board members, also known as the Review Committee.  The Review Committee shall have thirty (30) days in which to meet, consider the complaint, and transmit its finding to the Board of Trustees.  The board in its turn will inform the complainant of its decision on the matter within thirty (30) days.


  1. Materials that no longer meet the stated objectives of NCPL will be discarded according to accepted professional practices described in the publication, The Crew Manual.  Disposition of library materials by weeding will be at the discretion of the Director.

  2. Discarded circulation materials will be given to the Friends of NCPL for its annual book sale or sold directly to the public, whichever is the most practical at that point in time.  If discarded materials are sold to the Friends, the price will be decided by the Board of Trustees of NCPL.
  3. Larger items, such as equipment or furniture, will be sold pursuant to statute.