3D Printing at the Library

Get creative in three dimensions with the Dremel 3D40 Flex printer in our Creative Space! Once you make a digital model with Tinkercad or find a free downloadable model from websites like Thingiverse or My Mini Factory, you can use the Dremel Digilab Slicer to slice the model into the layers the 3D printer will build. While printing, the printer’s extruder melts the PLA plastic filament to shape it into your model. Depending on the size of the model, the object may take several hours to print, but after the printed object cools, the printer’s flexible, removable build plate makes it easy to pry the object off the plate without damaging it.

Want to learn how to print in 3D? Sign in to Beanstack to work through the 3D printer training. The library provides 3D printer filament in multiple colors. Currently, the available colors include blue, green, white, orange, and red.

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