Picture Book Month

November is Picture Book Month! In honor of Picture Book Month, I want to tell you about an experience with one of my favorite authors.  The Mother Bruce series is written by Ryan T. Higgins.

Bruce is a grumpy bear. He lives alone and the only things that brings him any joy are eggs. He “collects” them from all over the forest.  Then he searches the internet for recipes and makes amazing egg dishes.  One day he stole, I mean collected eggs from Mrs. Goose’s nest.  Instead of delicious eggs, he ends up with four goslings that think he is their mother.  While Bruce’s grumpiness never goes away, he parents the goslings well and they all live happily ever after, on a beach, in the south.  There are several other books in the series and they are all great reads!

One day, I received a call from my sister and she asked me if I had ever heard of a children’s book author named Ryan T. Higgins.  “Um, yes!  He is one of my favorites”, I replied.   SO a few weeks later, with permission, I got up early one Saturday morning and drove an hour to the business that my sister works at and there, taking care of business was Ryan T. Higgins.  He signed all the library’s copies of his books, told me about a new one he was working on. He talked about the trip he was on with his dad and brother and took a picture with me. He was flattered when he found out I had driven an hour to meet him and is a really nice guy.

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