I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

No, I’m not referring to U2’s 1987 hit song. It’s what you won’t find at the Library right now. The coronavirus has impacted our collections and I thought you might like an update on just why you can’t find a new book from your favorite author or the latest movies.

Let’s start with the question we get at least a couple of times a week, “Where are your new DVDs?” The simple answer is, “We don’t have any.” Movie studios continue to push back release dates of expected blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune to 2021. Many movie theatres remain closed, while others, like AMC try new business models and show older films. Disney released their much anticipated Mulan directly to their streaming platform. We have the Mulan DVD in our shopping cart, but the release date continues to be “Coming Soon.” We will buy movies again, but I don’t know when.

Print publishing has also experienced fallout from the pandemic, but of a different sort. Pre-pandemic, book printing companies were struggling in a market that was moving digital. Those shops shut down during early quarantines and, surprisingly, demand for print books increased while people were stuck at home. Purchases of print books were up 12% over the summer (NYT). We love that more people are reading our first true love – physical books. But, the combination of all of these things has led to a serious backlog in printing books.

There is good news. The Library has more than enough books and movies, magazines and music, to keep you busy. New books are coming in weekly. Staff love to help you find something your will find interesting. And the weather is perfect for curling up with some hot tea and a cozy blanket and escape to another world with a good book!

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