Find Your Family History Using Ancestry Library Edition

If you are looking for a great inside activity this winter, how about researching your family tree? If you are in the library, you can access to do your research. You can work in the Local History room, where we have a dedicated computer set up, or you can bring in your own laptop or mobile device. 

Ancestry has simplified it’s search features and they are far more intuitive than they used to be. It took me about 2 minutes to find my grandfather in the 1930 census records. And about two minutes more to be undeceived about my history. I’d always been told that we were 100% Dutch. But there it is, in black and white, my great-great grandmother was born in Germany. Maybe my family ignored that after WWII. Or, maybe she moved to The Netherlands when she was young.

You can also search military records (I found my grandfather’s draft card) and birth, marriage, and death records. It’s very easy to email copies of those records to yourself, or download them onto your device. 

You can find lots of tips and tricks for searching on the Ancestry site.

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