Feeling stuck? Make an appointment with our Tech Help staff, so we can give you one-on-one assistance and help you find answers to your questions about technology.

Here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions that our staff answers:

1. How do I recover my email or access an account I’m locked out of?

Hands down, this is the question we hear the most. For most accounts, you can click on the “Forgot password?” option, and the website will walk you through an identity verification process, but here are a couple of steps you can take to avoid getting locked out of an account:

  • When you create an account or edit your security credentials, it is best to record the name of the website or app, the username, the email address used to create the account, the password, and any additional security measures you add. Keep this information in a secure location, such as in a notebook kept in a fireproof safe or in a digitally encrypted app.
  • Set up recovery options and two-step identity verification by having a text sent to your phone or linking the account to 1 or 2 recovery email addresses. Make sure you will always have access to the phone number and email addresses you use or update the information as your contact information changes.

2. How do I use Zoom to host or attend a meeting?

With the use of Zoom exploding during the COVID pandemic, our staff often hears this question. Although you are probably used to attending virtual meetings and video chatting by now, click here for a helpful video about how to use Zoom as a host.

It is best to give yourself time to practice with Zoom or any other video conferencing software, like Microsoft Teams, before an important meeting to avoid feeling flustered during the meeting.

3. How can I store and organize my files in the cloud?

The most common cloud storage options, such as Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox, use the same basic structure as your computer with files sorted into folders, but cloud computing adds the ability to share files and folders with other users.  So, when choosing your cloud platform, think about what devices, software, and applications you use most frequently and what platforms your close friends and family members use. For example, if you use Gmail and have an Android phone, try using Google Drive to keep your files backed up and organized, or if your family members predominantly use Windows PCs and Live, Hotmail, or Outlook email accounts, you may find Microsoft OneDrive easiest to navigate and share with others. Most platforms will give you up to 5 GB of storage for free to try.

4. How can I scan a document or photo to share online?

Here are a couple of options:

  • Try a free mobile app like CamScanner or Microsoft Lens to quickly create digital copies of your documents or photos. You can save them to your mobile device as JPEGs or PDFs to attach them to emails, store in the cloud, share online, and so forth.
  • Come to the library to use one of our scanners for higher quality scans. With the Epson Flatbed and FastFoto scanners in our Local History Room, you can easily create digital copies of documents and photos. Simply bring your physical copies, sign in to the computer in the Local History Room with your library card, and send or store your digital copies online. Click here to watch a short overview of how to use the Epson FastFoto scanner.

5. How can I read or listen to books on Overdrive on a computer?

We often promote the Hoopla, Overdrive, and Libby apps, but if you would rather use these digital services on a personal computer, you are not alone. You can access both Hoopla and Overdrive on your computer.

Click here to sign in to Hoopla and get started by creating an account with your email address and library card. Then, you can read comic books and eBooks, listen to audiobooks and music, and watch movies and TV shows all on your computer.

You can also access our digital collection by selecting the “Download this item” option on an Overdrive title in the catalog or by going directly to iddc.overdrive.com. Then, sign in with your library card and password. If you don’t know your password, feel free to send us an email at questions@ncpl.lib.in.us or call us at 574-654-3046. We are always happy to help!