You’ve probably noticed that we are not a large metropolitan library. This means that the number of older books, movies, and audiobooks that we can keep on the shelf is rather limited. What you may not know is that we actually have access to the books at most of the libraries in the State of Indiana, including university libraries. Libraries like to share with each other. So if you don’t see something in our catalog or on the shelf, please ask us to get it through interlibrary loan (ILL).

Sometimes when we offer this option to patrons they decline thinking it’s too much of a bother for us. But I guarantee you that you will make Julie, the person in charge of ILL, a very happy person if you request something. It brings her joy to be able to find a book at another library for someone. We can’t always find rare and unusual books and many libraries won’t lend things that have come out in the last year, but other than that, we can usually get it. We get deliveries from other libraries every Thursday. And if it’s a newer item, ask us to purchase it using our new online form. Chances are that if you want to watch/read it, so does someone else.