Take a look at some of the new STEM Kits we added to our collection! 

Anyone can play and compose songs with the Specdrums STEM Kit. Download the Specdrums MIX or Specdrums EDU app on your device and use the light sensor rings on the color mat or any colorful surface to make music wherever you are. 

With the Wind Power and Solar Power kits, kids and teens can experiment with renewable energy. You can use the pieces in the Wind Power kit to make a wind turbine to generate power, and you can rebuild it into a vehicle that runs on that power. The Solar Power kit contains instructions and pieces for multiple vehicles which operate on solar power.

For younger children, our selection of coding toys, including the Coding Critters, Kinderbot, and Code n’ Go Robot Mouse, teach how to create coding sequences and develop problem-solving skills. The Peg Drill Puzzle Kit and other building sets offer practice with tools and experience with forming shapes in both two and three dimensions.

Our math-based kits are fun comprehension aids to use with homework or dramatic play. The Magnetic Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Board; the Geoboard and Tessellating Tiles; and the Play Cash Register offer tactile interactions with mathematical concepts like converting fractions to decimals or percentages, geometry, and currency. 

Check out these kits and more to enrich learning and pique interest in creative STEM activities!