It’s a dreary Wednesday morning. The weather is cool and gloomy. My husband’s snoring kept me awake. I spilled my coffee on my way to work. I have a headache. It’s going to be a rough day. And then something magical happens! It usually happens around 9:45 and I can hear from my desk long before I can see it.  Kiddos and their grownups start arriving for storytime! Before long we are all singing and dancing, reading stories, playing games, and making things together.  

Why do people come to storytime? It’s a great way to connect with other families in your community.  It is delightful to watch the friendships that are birthed at storytime.  Friendships between the kids and the grownups.  It’s a place filled with activities that help families read, write, sing, talk and play!  All of these things are important in preparing children for success academically.

Sometimes grownups worry about their child’s behavior at storytime.  They worry that they don’t participate enough, that they participate too much, or that they aren’t able to sit still as long as the others.  If that is you, please know that we don’t worry about this. We know the kids are learning and we are so glad that you and your child are here.  Everyone needs a place to begin, a place to connect, and a place to belong. You are welcome! 

NCPL has storytime on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m.