One of the most loved spots in the Children’s Department at the Library is the picture book section. It’s a place where lifelong readers get their start. Grownups and children work together to find books that bring joy to be read out loud together. Picture books are wonderful, but reading them independently takes some practice! As children begin to learn to read, something a little different is needed.

Cue the Beginning Readers!

Some call them leveled books or leveled readers. We call them Beginning Readers. They are a great place to start the journey towards reading independently. We’ve divided them into three levels. Level one is the simplest and level three is the most challenging. The genres within our beginning readers sections are wide. We have popular characters, series, nonfiction, and biographies. If you aren’t sure where to find the beginning readers, or where to start once you get there, ask. We would love to help!

As your child is learning to read, continue to make reading enjoyable. Read together, read out loud, take turns reading, and read the same book more than once!