Do you have old photos and slides collecting dust in boxes? Preserving and digitizing your photos is important. There are many reasons it is important to take the time to scan your pictures and slides, including the ease at which you can share a scanned photo. You can send it via email or post it on social media. It can free up physical space at your house. Most importantly, they can tell the story of your life.  

We have two scanners in our Local History room that you are able to use anytime the Library is open. The Epson Fastfoto makes scanning pictures easy. This scanner can do up to 36 4×6 at one time very quickly. These pictures can then be saved on a flash drive or saved on an online photo storage website. You can group your pictures by year and even month as you go along.

The Epson Flatbed scanner comes with a slide holder that can scan 4 slides at a time. This process is not as fast, but the quality of the scan is amazing. Again, after scanning, you can save it to a flash drive or an online photo storage website.    

Make scanning your photos or slides a priority in 2022 and do it for free at the library! If you want someone to walk you through the scanning process, you can make a one-on-one tech help appointment here.