Take a stroll around the Library’s property, and you will see many native plants and grasses have popped up! Native plants add beauty and create a friendly place for birds, butterflies, and insects. There is a wide variety of colors right now, from purple to yellow to white, and we have many beautiful spaces to sit and take it all in. Walk around the front property of the Library on the sidewalk and see the area planted with native short-stature prairie seed mix. Half the seed mix is grasses like Virginia Wild Rye and Little Bluestem, and half flowering plants like Common Milkweed, Rough Blazing Star, and Black Eyed Susan. The Exploration Garden has interactive play items and is surrounded by native plants and grasses. The Reading Garden, located at the back of the Library, has comfortable seating, a pergola for shade, and native plants. Make time this summer to enjoy all of these spaces.