It’s time to head back to school. Everyone knows that it’s important to prepare your child for academic success, but making sure that your child is supported emotionally is also incredibly important.  Here are a few ideas to think about as the new year starts.

Ask your child questions.  Talking to each other is so important.  How is your child feeling about going back to school?  What are they looking forward to? What are they nervous about?  Once the year starts, ask questions like, “Is anything worrying you? What was the best/worst part of your day? How are your relationship with your teachers, friends, and peers?”

Pay attention to your child’s emotions, moods, and attitudes.  Address changes and concerns.  If your child has concerns, listen to them.   Share your own experiences and be honest with your child. Creating a routine is also a wonderful way to create emotional security. Be willing to have conversations with teachers and school staff about situations in your child’s life that are impacting your child academically.  Communication on all levels is key to emotional health!