Do you find yourself needing some direction for the new year?    Try selecting just one single word to be your focus for the year.   You can then use that word to set goals for each area of your life but have them all tie back to that single word.  

Our word at the library for 2023 is balance.   Balance, as a noun, means a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  Balance, as a verb, means offset or compare the value of one thing with another.   How will we use this word at the library this year….

We will work on balancing our collections, especially so we have something for everyone.  We will make sure our collections are balanced with all current and historical topics.   In other collections, like our Library of Things, we will continue adding new items you can try at home.  These sharing collections are growing in libraries all over the country as the economy makes it hard for people to buy higher-priced games, kitchen items, and tools.   The new Readiness kits we added in 2022 will help you get your child ready for school and have fun learning new skills.  

We will work on finding balance in our programming by offering programs and services for all ages.  This January-March, we will offer drop-in  Creative Space hours with a trained staff member.   You can learn the Cricut, including heat and mug press, 3d printing, or Adobe Creative Cloud.  The Healthy Living Senior Series, made possible with support from the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, will continue through May 2023.  There will be exercise classes every Monday at 9:30 a.m., as well as cooking classes and a health screening.  Registration for programs is not a new service but one we highly recommend.  Registration is now open for all January-March programs.  When you register, you will receive an email three days before the event as a reminder.  These registrations will help us find balance with program numbers, supplies, and interest.  Hopefully, by registering for a program, it will help you find balance in your schedule as well!     View all these events at  

We are still working on the Long Range Plan 2022-2025.  Many of the new projects you see us doing come from the ideas we created in that plan.   Using the word balance helps us determine which projects best utilize our staff’s time and the community’s current needs.    

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So what will your word be for the year?   Stop in during January and add your word to our board!  We would love to know what it is and help you find resources that will help you set goals for 2023. 


Roanna Hooton

NCPL Director