The 2023 theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” This theme honors women who have been active in all forms of storytelling in print, TV, news and more.  We will focus on women authors from the 21st century who have made an impact in the literary world.  

Agatha Christie is the world’s best-selling author of all time.  She is best known for her books about detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.  Agatha established what the modern murder mystery was and still is to this day.

Harper Lee won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 for “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  This novel continues to speak to generations about tolerance and justice.  

Toni Morrison wrote novels such as “Bluest Eye,” “Sula,” and “Beloved”  She won a Pulitzer Prize for “Beloved.”   These words highlight the experiences of Black Americans. 

J.K Rowling, best known for the “Harry Potter” series, is the best-known author of the younger generations.  She continues to inspire the digital generation to pick up a book and read. 

We can support women authors by picking up their titles at the library.  We can share the titles we enjoy on Goodreads and other social media platforms.   

Who is your favorite woman author?