Did you know that on average kids today spend seven hours each day using some sort of screen?  

Spending more time outside has amazing benefits for kids!  Here are just a few:
Outdoor play helps kids move in ways that challenge their muscles, bones, and physical endurance. We all need vitamin D. Vitamin D helps build strong bones and healthy teeth.  Spending time outdoors increases it!  Being outdoors literally and figuratively gives children the space to breathe.  Stress is something that even young children deal with.  Time outdoors gives children space to move and unwind. Playing outside helps children develop independence.  Playing outside, with parents nearby, allows children to explore in ways that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Come visit the Exploration Garden at the Library.  It is a great place for children to reap the benefits of outdoor play.  The space is open even when the Library isn’t. All are welcome.