If you take a drive out of town on US 20 towards South Bend and look north, you will see a new sight…rows and rows of solar panels.  This is a big change from what we’re used to seeing.  This change can be concerning, but it also brings with it the hope of creating a renewable energy source with our farmland.  In addition to creating clean, renewable energy, the Honeysuckle Solar Farms Project brings with it construction jobs, a few permanent positions, and $27+ million in additional real and personal property taxes generated in its first 25 years of existence.

As community members who love our little town, we have lots of questions about this project and what it will mean to New Carlisle. We want to learn about the interesting ways that solar energy is being used and the benefits to our community.  Please join us on June 29, 2023, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST at the library as we host a program about Solar Development and the Honeysuckle Solar Project in St. Joseph County.  You can register here or just show up.  Take advantage of this opportunity to find out more about this new solar farm in our area.