Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? SciStarter’s Citizen Science platform can connect you with scientists looking for information about the natural world around you. You and your child can collect scientific data and collaborate with professionals in their research! 

Like other crowdsourcing projects, Citizen Science projects help scientists with limited resources cover more ground, improve the accuracy of their conclusions, and increase awareness by involving interested individuals or groups in their research. Also, Citizen Science can turn making scientific discoveries into a hobby, deepening your appreciation for science and nature in the process. 

This year, we added three kits to our STEM Kits collection to equip you to engage in ongoing Citizen Science projects in our region. Check them out to learn more about how to play a part in scientific research! 

With the Observing Pollinators kit, you will document the behavior of local pollinators. Participating in this project can help scientists ascertain the well-being of our pollinators and promote thriving bird and insect populations and plant life in our area. 

The Measuring Light in the Night kit gives you the tools you need to gather light pollution data for the Globe at Night project. Globe at Night is an international project focused on measuring night sky brightness and collecting individuals’ observations to determine the impact of light pollution. Light pollution can not only hinder stargazing and astronomical research but also disrupt ecosystems and negatively affect human health. 

With the Exploring Biodiversity kit, you will use your smartphone and the clip-on lens set to take detailed pictures of nature to add to a living record of life on Earth. By sharing your observations on the iNaturalist app, you will collect quality data for scientists working to protect nature.