Native American Heritage Month is observed in November to call attention to the culture, traditions, and achievements of the nation’s original inhabitants and descendants. The official designation of November as National Native American Heritage Month was signed into law in 1990.

On November 16th at 3:30 at NCPL Children, grades kindergarten through 5th are invited to join us for an afternoon focused on the culture of the Lakota people.

The Lakota traditionally occupied a large swath of land surrounding the Black Hills area, a sacred site for the Lakota. They boast a long list of great leaders, such as Red Cloud, Big Foot, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and American Horse. Many Lakota people still live lives filled with a beautiful culture grounded in traditional Lakota values. While there are many things that any culture finds to be virtuous, there are seven virtues that are considered by many to be the heart of the Lakota lifestyle. These are Wóčhekiye (Prayer), Wóohola (Respect), Wówauŋšila (Compassion), Wówičakȟe (Honesty), Wówačhaŋtognaka (Generosity), Wówaȟwala (Humility) and Wóksape (Wisdom).

Our afternoon will focus on learning about the Lakota culture through food, music, art, language, and dance.