I remember watching ‘The Price is Right’ with Bob Barker in the mornings as a kid, especially when I stayed home sick.  It was always so fun to guess which contestant was going to win.  You would want them to guess higher or lower on the price of the item and hope that they would win the really great prize package at the end.  

The Price Is Right originally aired on Nov. 26, 1956 and was hosted by Bill Cullen.  In 1972, Bob Barker became the host of what was initially called ‘The New Price is Right.’  In 2007, Drew Carey became the next host after Bob Barker retired with 35 years of hosting the show under his belt.  ‘The Price is Right’ is an American game show royalty.

Come join us here at the library on February 8th at 1:00 pm as Miller’s Merry Manor brings ‘The Price is Right’ to us and provides us with an afternoon of fun and a chance to win some great prizes too.  Pre-register here to get a reminder, or just ‘come on down’ and have some fun.