In honor of Earth Day yesterday, here are a few things you can do to be kind to the planet:

  1. Do some upcycle projects with objects you would otherwise throw away. An old book can become a work art with book folding and other papercrafts. Use old plastic containers, bottles, tin cans to make decorative lanterns or plant pots. Raising house plants also naturally purifies the air in your house. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for how to upcycle hundreds of household objects.
  2. Have a Clothing Swap Party instead of shopping for new clothes or throwing your old clothes away. You can invite some friends and classmates to bring their gently used clothes to swap for the clothes you do not need anymore. Everyone gets to go home with some new style!
  3. Ride your bike or walk when you can instead of driving or asking for a ride. It will save the planet and your wallet to reduce vehicular emissions. Plus, it is an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.
  4. Try some vegetarian or vegan meals. Fruits and vegetables require less energy to produce than meat products. You might find your new favorite meal when you try some vegan or vegetarian recipes!
  5. Bring a reusable tote bag when you come to the library to carry your books. If you bring a reusable bag any time you go to the library or a store, you will not need to use a plastic bag.

Of course, the Library can help you in many ways to do even more for the environment. You can borrow books instead of buying new ones and donate your old books to the Friends of the Library to be reused by a new reader. 

Find books to give you more ideas of ways you can take action for yourself, your family, and your community to encourage others to make environmentally friendly choices. Here are a few resources to inspire you:

How to Change Everything by Naomi Klein

Taking on the Plastics Crisis by Hannah Testa

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg

Be More Vegan: the young person’s guide to going (a bit more) plant-based! by Niki Webster

A Kid’s Guide to Saving the Planet: it’s not hopeless and we’re not helpless by Paul Douglas