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Teen Books on Screens Near You

Activate your imagination with the books that inspired new shows and movies released this year, like the Grishaverse series by Leigh Bardugo. The new Netflix series Shadow & Bone is based on her fantasy novels set in the Kingdom of Ravka, including the Grisha trilogy, the Six of Crows duology, and companion novels, like The Lives of Saints.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, the first part of the Chaos Walking trilogy was adapted into a feature film starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley earlier this year. Chaos Walking takes place in the New World in which all men and animals can hear each other’s thoughts, but women’s thoughts are silent. Fans of intense dystopian novels like The Hunger Games won’t be able to put it down!

Jennifer Mathieu’s Moxie is about a 16-year-old girl who starts writing a zine to protest sexism at her school, and her zine inspires others to stand together and start a revolution. Amy Poehler’s adaptation of the novel is now available to stream on Netflix. Plus, the final installment in Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy is now on Netflix, and you can check out all three at the library or wherever you have a WiFi connection with the Libby app. Experience these stories as they were originally told and form your vision of them!

The Field is Gonna Be Ugly for a Hot Minute

Most of us know the story of the ugly duckling. A baby swan is hatched by a mama duck. That baby looks ugly next to the baby ducklings. He gets mocked and made fun of by the other animals all summer, winter, but by the next spring everyone discovers that the ugly duckling was a beautiful swan all along.

It’s a great metaphor for many things in life. And right now, it’s a great metaphor for our retention basin. We are about to kill off the grass in that area and it’s going to look ugly. But once that grass is dead, we are going to plant a native short-stature prairie seed mix. Half the seed mix is grasses like virginia wild rye and little bluestem, and half flowering plants like Common Milkweed, Rough Blazing Star, and Black Eyed Susans.

It will take a couple of years for these new plants to really take hold and look like something beautiful. But it will be worth the wait. It will add some beauty to the area and be a friendly place for birds, butterflies, and all kinds of insects.

If you want to know more about how native plants benefit the eco-system, mark your calendars for August 12 when we’ll have a tour of our the native gardens.

Image by USFWS Mountain-Prairie – Monarch on Rough Blazing Star, CC BY 2.0,

Campus Passport Membership

Immerse yourself in history this year by visiting The History Museum and The Studebaker Museum for free!  Stop in the library and check-out our newest addition to the Library of Things, a Campus Passport Membership card.  The card provides 6 admissions to both museums.

At The History Museum, you can explore a series of rotating exhibits that includes World Famous: The Olivers and the American Dream and Votes for Women.  There are a few permanent displays where you can learn about the history of the St. Joseph Valley Region,see the Mary Jane Clark Miniature Lamp Collection, and the Unseen Treasures of the Oliver Mansion.

At the Studebaker History Museum, you will find special exhibits that include South Bend Then and Now and Disco Decade Rides: Cars of the 1970s.  You will also find the world’s largest collection of U.S. presidential carriages, 33 Studebakers, and a military collection.   Both museums will give you an enjoyable experience and we look forward to seeing you first at the library!

Welcome to the Exploration Garden!

We are so excited to have you visit the Exploration Garden at the library! Many of you have walked the sweet little path that goes behind the children’s department.  We have a log to climb on, rocks to walk on, a stage to sing and dance on, and an akambira that you can play.

Beginning on April 15, you will also be able to use the mud kitchen, paint on the art panel, and complete the literacy activities that will be posted throughout the space!  Paint and a few other items will be available for checkout inside the library.  Please help keep the space tidy by putting things back where they belong. People are welcome, but pets should stay at home.

Digitize Family Photos at the Library

With the Epson FastFoto Scanner, you can easily scan stacks of your family’s photos to preserve your memories. Simply come in any time the library is open to use the scanner in the Local History Room. It scans about one picture per second, including the backs of pics with writing on them.

Save digital copies of your photos to the cloud or your own flash drive. You can post them on social media, or create something to treasure with your photos, such as a family photo book, wall art, cards, and more with online services like Shutterfly.

Get your Favorite Authors Automatically

Have some favorite authors? Arrange to receive new items by selected authors automatically.

By using Reserve Express, you will automatically be placed on the reserve list for new titles.

For each author, just select the media types you wish to subscribe to. You can choose audiobooks, large print, or books.  When a new title for that author arrives at the library, you will automatically be placed on the reserve list!  All subscribers on the list will be randomly selected for position so that way everyone gets a fair chance at being number one.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to our catalog by visiting our website
  2. Click on “Access My Account”
  3. Log in using your library card number and password.
  4. Choose “My Account”
  5. “Reserves/Requests”
  6. Look for “Have some favorite Authors?” and click on the blue words “receive new items”
  7. Click on the format for each author:  audiobook, large print, book.
  8. Look for the word to turn bold to confirm your selection.

For any questions, or if you don’t see your favorite author, call us at 574.654.3046 or email

Discover New Books

Looking for a new favorite book?
NextReads newsletters deliver reading recommendations directly to your inbox. Choose from 7 newsletters that highlight recent releases and buzz-worthy books across a variety of genres and age ranges.

Pressed for time?
We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve worked hard to make NextReads newsletters eye-catching and concise. Plus, each newsletter includes links to our catalog so you can place holds or learn more about the featured books. Find your next read with a click!

You are more creative than what you think!

Who has time to create something every day? You do, absolutely.

Join the Create Everyday Challenge in 2021. Your creative acts could be in cooking, sewing, knitting, doodling , jewelry making, journaling, decorating, using your Cricut, STEM projects with your kids, or making art in the form of collage, paint, or clay…or whatever! You are limited only by your creativity and Creativebug is here to help. With Creativebug you can experience the joy of creating with thousands of award-winning video classes taught by top designers and artists. The best part is the library offers Creativebug for free! All you need to do is visit our website and click the Creativebug widget. You then just login in with your library card and password.

Your challenge starts now.

Bring Back the Joy

I recently watched a child have a meltdown while doing homework. Why? Not because she is lazy or apathetic. She felt so much pressure. Unfortunately, kids feeling stressed and anxious is a very real thing in our world. Many times the joy of reading is sucked right out because of all that pressure. So, let’s talk about a few ways to reduce the pressure and bring back the joy.

I really believe that for children to understand the joy that comes from reading they need to see it modeled, especially those who find reading stressful.  Read in front of them. Talk to them about what you are reading and why you are enjoying it.

Read together.  Many families have popcorn and movie nights. Switch things up and have a special snack that it reserved for family reading nights.  Don’t stop reading out loud.  Just because your child can read independently, doesn’t mean that he/she always has to.  Pick a family chapter book and read it out loud.  Create a family book club and read together.  Read things that are funny!  Laughter is such a gift.  Read joke books, funny poems, comics and graphic novels. Use books as gifts and rewards.

Stop treating reading as a task and instead treat it like a treasure.    Cook things that you read about in books.  Go to places that you read about in books. Make things that you read about in books.

Here are some award winners to get you started.

Notary Services at the Library

Many patrons are not aware that the Library has a couple of Notary Publics on staff. Often, people need documents notarized at difficult or inconvenient times. The death of a loved one, transfer of property, withdrawals from retirement funds – these instances often require a notary when life is at its hardest. The Library is here to help. With hours that extend past regular business hours and no fees involved, it is easy and convenient to have your documents notarized at the Library. We do recommend that you call ahead, since we cannot guarantee that a notary is here during all of our open hours. Bring your picture ID and your unsigned paperwork with you and we’ll get you in and out as painlessly as possible.

Stay Warm, Read with Libby

I don’t know about you, but February is not my favorite month. I don’t like the cold or the dark. Once I get home from work, my favorite thing is comfy clothes, a fire in the fireplace, and a book to read. I don’t like to go back out, well, because it’s cold and dark. I find my next library book to read easily enough on the Libby App. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s super easy and available in both the Apple and Andriod app stores. Here’s a quick overview of how to use it.

When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller

“Listen: This isn’t like any other tiger I’ve seen in a zoo.  It’s huge, as big as our car. The orange in its coat seems to glow, and the black is as dark as moonless night. This tiger belongs in one of Halmoni’s stories. I lean forward until the seat belt slices into my skin. The big cat lifts its enormous head-and it looks at me. And then the tiger raises an eyebrow, like it’s daring me to do something.”

When You Trap a Tiger is the 2021 John Newbery winner.  It is the story of a girl named Lily.  Her grandmother is sick so Lily and her family move in with her.  A magical tiger arrives right out of Korean folktales and it is Lily’s job to unravel a family secret.

Teaching Books is a free resource for all Indiana residents. It is full of all kinds of resources to be used with this spectacular book, including author interviews, book guides, and activities. All you need to do is scan this QR code and it will take you straight to the resources.


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