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New books? Library programs? Look no further!

How do you find out what books are new?  What programs do you have coming up?  These are common questions we get every day, and we have the perfect solution, YOUR EMAIL!  You can get updates on library events, The New York Times Bestseller lists or subscribe to get the latest titles in your favorite

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How to Fight Those Winter Blues

Even for winter lovers, northwest Indiana’s winter weather can take its toll.  Sometimes, we go days and days with no sunshine so we need to make our own.  Here are some ways that the library can help fight those winter blues. Make sure you check out the library’s Monthly Snapshot.  It tells you about all

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Chilling Suspense

It may be cold outside, but the chills you’ll get reading these wintery suspense novels won’t be coming from the drop in the temperature.  All set in the bleak midwinter, these chilling reads will make you want to cuddle up and stay up reading late into the night to find out how it all ends. 

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