Want to learn a new skill in 2021? Try 3D printing! There are so many nifty things you can make for free with the 3D printer in our Creative Space. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started!

  1. Hook
    You can 3D print a hook for anything from fishing to hanging clothes, keys, or tools. One of our staff members designed the above door hook in Tinkercad, and there are thousands of models of hooks on Thingiverse with unique designs, like this puzzle piece key hook.
  2. Dip Clip
    Another handy object to 3D print is a “Dip Clip,” like this one made by Thingiverse user Dixon3dprinting. It clips into a car vent to hold dipping sauce containers from drive-thru and fast food restaurants to avoid spills.
  3. Phone or Tablet Stand
    If you find yourself frequently propping your phone or tablet against books, furniture, or whatever you have handy to free up your hands while watching videos, you might find a phone or tablet stand helpful. This one was created by Thingiverse user muzz64.
  4. Touchless Door-Opener and Button-Presser Multi-Tool
    Makers have been inventing ways to alleviate the inconveniences of the pandemic since day one, including the creation of touchless door-opener, button-presser multi-tools. You can find models on Thingiverse or design your own, like one of our patrons did in Tinkercad.
  5. Ear Saver Strap for Face Masks
    Creators in the 3D printing community have also responded to the pandemic by making ear saver straps, which relieve your ears from the pressure of mask straps. This one has multiple tabs to adjust the mask comfortably for your face, but there are hundreds of other designs on Thingiverse in different shapes and sizes.

To use the Creative Space, sign in to our Beanstack site and register for the Creative Space Challenge. Once you complete the Creative Space Basics and 3D Printer activity badges, you’re ready to 3D print!

Still have questions? Feel free to make an appointment with our Tech Help team. They will be happy to guide you through the 3D printing process.