The holidays are a time filled with traditions.  Did you know that these traditions can help increase reading comprehension?  When we talk about traditions in relation to literacy the term is “background knowledge.”  It means that the more experiences we have, especially the ones that are repeated, help us relate to the things that we read.

I recently read about a study that was done in 1979. The study had people read about wedding traditions in America and in India.  Those who participated in the study were able to read the information about their own culture’s traditions quicker and retain more of the information BECAUSE of their personal experiences with weddings. While this study is older, it holds so much truth.  Experiences = comprehension.

So, as you go through this holiday season, remember that all of the things your family does, big and small, are an important part of the background knowledge that will encourage academic success.

Photo by PS Imaging on StockSnap