Audiobooks come in so many formats now. Which one do you like? We have the classic CDs and the downloading kind that you can find for free in the Hoopla or Libby apps. You can download or listen on any of your devices. But no matter which format you choose, there are many good reasons to listen to Audiobooks.  

#1   You can read without the physical act of reading. If you’re just too tired to hold the book, let alone focus on the words. you can get the same experience listening to the book without some of the work.    

#2  You can use your commute or downtime to learn something new or to just enjoy a story.  Who doesn’t have time stuck in the car or waiting in line during the day?  

#3 You will have plenty to talk about with others. The latest best-seller is a great conversation starter.  

#4 Audiobooks are good for your brain. They help develop vocabulary and comprehension.  

And #5 Listening to audiobooks is just plain fun! As children, we loved getting read to, and as adults, this is the exact same thing. Audiobook readers are actors who put in accent, inflection, and tone to make the story come alive.  

It doesn’t really matter how you take your audiobooks, use your time wisely and listen to a good book!