Libraries are changing and adapting to the needs of their patrons all the time.  One example of this here at the New Carlisle-Olive Township Public Library is the Library of Things.  What is the Library of Things, you ask?  Well, we have items that you can check out so that you can see if you like them before you buy them at the store.  Or, what about that item that you might only use once or twice a year but don’t want to purchase and store it, like a leaf blower, electric tiller, or ice cream maker?  Check it out from the library.  

We have games to check out, like our Dart Board or Table Tennis Game Set.  Or maybe Disney’s Villainous or Ticket to Ride.  Want to try and put together a fun Lego set that is a little out of your price range?  Well, now you can!  We have the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, a 1950s Vintage Pickup truck, or maybe the Lego Santa’s Visit kit.  Want to experience what virtual reality is like?  We have Meta Quest 2, so why not check it out?  We also have some great puzzles…not to mention some entertaining giant outdoor games for that family get-together with all the kids that’s coming up in a few months.  The Library of Things has those too.

You can go to our website,  click Search Catalog, click on Booklists in the middle of the page, and then click on Library of Things to get a complete list of all the items we have.  Or come to the library and ask us about our Library of Things and check out what we have to offer while you’re here.