Whether you have been shopping for holiday gifts since June or started this week, here are some great ideas to add to your list for the loved ones who enjoy all things tech:

  1. Has your loved one ever found themselves in a minor panic while traveling because their phone died? For the one who is always on the go, a lightweight universal power bank like this one is a great choice to make sure their phone, earbuds, and watches stay charged while they are traveling.
  2. For foodies and grillmasters, a smart, wireless meat thermometer like the Meater is a handy tool to monitor their food’s internal temperature while cooking. If they would rather not add another app to their device, a digital thermometer like the OXO Digital Meat Thermometer could still help them reach new culinary heights.
  3. A light that clips to the top of a computer monitor like this Logitech Streaming Light is a great gift for the person in your life who aspires to be a streamer, YouTuber, or TikToker or works from home.
  4. If your loved one knows what it feels like to be trapped by headphone cords, a Bluetooth wireless transmitter like the AirFly Transmitter can set them free. They can plug it into an auxiliary port in an airplane, a radio, and numerous other devices to connect their Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. Plus, they can listen or watch with someone else since the AirFly supports up to two sets of headphones at a time.
  5. If your loved one is a student, jotter, notetaker, or writer, the Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook can help them save space and paper while never finding themselves without their notes and a place to write more down. This notebook is designed for them to write and digitize the pages with the Rocketbook app.

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