Community Calendar

The New Carlisle - Olive Township Public Library (NCPL) is sponsoring a Community Calendar on the Library’s website as a public service to provide information about events, attractions, meetings, etc., of interest to residents.   We are asking your organization to use this calendar to promote your events.  We feel that one central location for

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Tour the Town

I love our small town.  For most of my life, this is where I’ve lived.  I went to the Soda Bar and Calhouns after school.  I rode down Town Hill on my bike.  I remember Watsons and the Home Cafe.  We all have our special memories of the way the town looked from our past

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Hometown Days Then and Now

  Who's getting excited for Hometown Days?  Then:  A look back at Sidewalk Days which was the predecessor to Historical Days and the current Hometown Days. The New Carlisle Business & Men's Professional Organization and the downtown merchants started sidewalk days in the late 1950s early 60s. Unsure of the exact year. This ad is

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