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Hoosiers in Sports

Hoosiers are crazy about sports.  Just this past November, we cheered our local high school football team on as they won 2nd in the state championship.  A few weeks ago, we watched the Super Bowl with family and friends and laughed about the funny commercials with co-workers the next day.  Just around the corner,  March

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Winter Soups

Who doesn’t love a steaming pot of hot soup simmering on the stove-top ready to enjoy on a cold winter day?  It warms our stomachs and soothes our souls.  It has been said to heal our bodies - a bowl of chicken soup given to sick loved ones to help them feel better.  Who doesn’t

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Community Calendar

Facebook, websites, Instagram, so many places to find events!!   Or are you an organization trying to plan an event but don’t want to overlap with another event.? Are you looking to let community members know about your event? The Library now sponsors a Community Calendar on our website as a public service to provide

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