Books About Friendship for Teens

Summer is a time for adventures, soaking up the sunshine, reading, sleeping in, and spending time with friends! Check out these books that celebrate friendships: Top Ten by Katie Cotungno A Match Made in Mehendi by Nandini Bajpai Those Pink Mountain Nights by Jen Ferguson  The Queens of New York by E. L. Shen We

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Book Sale

The Friends of the Library (FOTL) semi-annual book sale is happening soon!  Over the years, my kids and I always looked forward to the book sales at the library.  We would try to be there first thing in the morning on day one, and, of course, we bought so many books we struggled to find

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Friendships can be hard at any age.  Helping children learn to navigate relationships with friends is a big job.  Here are a few tips.  Talk to them about your own experiences.  Share lessons that you have learned with friendships throughout your life. Talk about times that you had conflicts and how they were resolved. Put

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