Fraud rates are on the rise.  The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that fraud losses rose by 70% between 2020 and 2021 and an additional 30% in 2022, reaching an incredible $8.8 billion. Newly released Federal Trade Commission data show that consumers reported losing more than $10 billion to fraud in 2023, marking the


The History of Valentine’s Day Card-Making Traditions

The origins of Valentine’s Day are tied to Lupercalia, a festival that took place on February 15 in ancient Rome, and Saint Valentine, which may refer to more than one man named Valentine or Valentinus. He (or they) were martyred on February 14 by Roman emperor Claudius II in the third century.  Lupercalia involved a

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Beginning, Ending, and Rhyming Word Kits

Before children can learn to read, they need to understand that words are made up of speech sounds, or phonemes.  Phonemes are the smallest parts of a word. By changing a phoneme you can change the meaning of a word.  For example, by changing the first phoneme in the word pat you can make the

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