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Homeschool Hangout

Calling all homeschoolers!  Join us at NCPL’s Homeschool Hangout.   We get together once or twice a month on Tuesday afternoons.  While we do a variety of things, we always have the same goal: we want to have a new experience and enjoy spending time together.  The program is geared towards kindergarten through eighth grade

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Readiness Kits

First, there were STEM Kits, and then came the Library of Things.  Coming November 1st, Readiness Kits will be available at the Library! What is a Readiness Kit, you ask?  Great question! First, a Readiness Kit is a fun way to explore an early literacy topic or skill. We all want kids to be successful

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Ways to Use the Summer for Your Preschooler

Maybe your child is starting kindergarten this fall or maybe you’ve got another year with your child at home.  Either way, the preschool years go so fast.  Many times parents feel the pressure to prepare their children for school by making sure that they know letters, sounds, and numbers.  Don’t get me wrong, those things

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