Pokemon Read-Alikes for Pokemon Day

If you love all things Pokemon, try these action-packed read-alikes or peruse some nonfiction with information about every Pokemon! Poké­mon ­Su­per Delux­e Essen­tial Hand­book: the need-­to-­know s­tat­s and ­fact­s on over 800 Poké­mon Dragon Ball Super The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V One Piece East Blue Fullmetal Alchemist Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Bleach

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Beginning, Ending, and Rhyming Word Kits

Before children can learn to read, they need to understand that words are made up of speech sounds, or phonemes.  Phonemes are the smallest parts of a word. By changing a phoneme you can change the meaning of a word.  For example, by changing the first phoneme in the word pat you can make the

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