Delve into Your Family History using Ancestry

When you dig into your ancestry, there is a feeling of excitement as you research those who came before you. You have an opportunity to glean information about relatives who helped shape who you are today and a chance to delve into their history so that you can better understand yourself.  These are some reasons

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Read the Newspaper at Home

Many times, I click on a link to a newspaper article and find that I am unable to read it without a subscription.  Then, I remembered that the library pays for an online service called Newsbank.  Look for Newsbank on our website under Virtual Library.  “NewsBank consolidates current and archived information from thousands of newspaper

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Friendships can be hard at any age.  Helping children learn to navigate relationships with friends is a big job.  Here are a few tips.  Talk to them about your own experiences.  Share lessons that you have learned with friendships throughout your life. Talk about times that you had conflicts and how they were resolved. Put

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