What You Need to Know to Start Reading Manga

What is manga? Manga refers to a genre of graphic novels originally developed by Japanese artists and translated into English. This is why manga volumes are read from right to left, because it follows the direction of the Japanese language. While American graphic novels are often full-color books, manga pages are mostly black and white

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Tour the Town

I love our small town.  For most of my life, this is where I’ve lived.  I went to the Soda Bar and Calhouns after school.  I rode down Town Hill on my bike.  I remember Watsons and the Home Cafe.  We all have our special memories of the way the town looked from our past

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Contribute to Scientific Research with Citizen Science

Have you ever wanted to be a scientist? SciStarter’s Citizen Science platform can connect you with scientists looking for information about the natural world around you. You and your child can collect scientific data and collaborate with professionals in their research!  Like other crowdsourcing projects, Citizen Science projects help scientists with limited resources cover more

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