You Are More Creative Than You think!

Who has time to create something every day? You do, absolutely.  Your creative acts could be in cooking, sewing, knitting, doodling, jewelry making, journaling, decorating, using your Cricut, STEM projects with your kids, or making art in the form of collage, paint, or clay...or whatever!  You are limited only by your creativity and Creativebug

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Tech Tip of the Week: Spam Calls & Texts

Spam phone calls are not new, but with mobile phones, it seems like the amount of spam we deal with in a day has exploded. The Federal Communications Commission recommends you do not answer phone calls from unknown callers, and if you do answer a call, hang up immediately. Do not answer unwarranted text

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Before YouTube There Was The Great Courses

Lifelong learning and personal enrichment is available anytime and anywhere.  Hoopla has introduced The Great Courses to it’s collection.  The Great Courses are video classes produced and distributed by The Teaching Company.   Hoopla has made available over 212 courses taught by experts and professors where you can learn anything from do-it-yourself engineering to Greek 101.  You can

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