Sustainable Landscapes with Native Plants

If you look around the library grounds, you'll see lots of different native plants and grasses.  When we renovated the library a few years ago, we planted native plants around our building and on our property.  Native plants provide nectar for pollinators, including birds, bees, butterflies, moths, and bats.  They provide shelter for many mammals

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Outdoor Play

Did you know that on average kids today spend seven hours each day using some sort of screen?   Spending more time outside has amazing benefits for kids!  Here are just a few: Outdoor play helps kids move in ways that challenge their muscles, bones, and physical endurance. We all need vitamin D. Vitamin D helps

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It’s Corn! – I Can’t Imagine a More Beautiful Thing

No doubt you’ve heard the song which inspired the title of this post. If you have not, ask someone you know with a TikTok account. They probably heard it a hundred times. The lyrics of the “It’s Corn” song originated from a viral interview with Tariq, a young corn enthusiast, published in August on a

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