Mental Health Series

We all struggle sometimes.  We feel depressed.  We feel anxious.  We feel overwhelmed.  Life can often be really hard… and we don’t always know how to navigate through it the best way.  We aren’t alone in feeling like this.  According to a 2023 study, 21% of adults are experiencing at least one mental illness.  That’s

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Outdoor Play

Did you know that on average kids today spend seven hours each day using some sort of screen?   Spending more time outside has amazing benefits for kids!  Here are just a few: Outdoor play helps kids move in ways that challenge their muscles, bones, and physical endurance. We all need vitamin D. Vitamin D helps

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Winter Soups

Who doesn’t love a steaming pot of hot soup simmering on the stove-top ready to enjoy on a cold winter day?  It warms our stomachs and soothes our souls.  It has been said to heal our bodies - a bowl of chicken soup given to sick loved ones to help them feel better.  Who doesn’t

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